Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Travel is for ANYONE

Scrolling through my Facebook feed, I became drawn to a video posted by CNN. Recently, a young woman named Cassie DePecol became the first woman in history to visit all 196 countries in this beautiful earth. Now, I've visited 21, and I think that's kind of a lot. Imagine one hundred and ninety six!!! When I think of travel, a goal that I acquire is to see all seven continents. Right now, I am at five, just missing South America and Antarctica. With my personality, this goal should be reached in no time. But to think of traveling to EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY in the world, now that's awesome. That's my new goal.

The most inspiring part of this video was the purpose of Cassie's travel, and the way she described it. Cassie wanted to make a point that women can travel too, wherever they please. Although she went through long visa processes, and many setbacks, she fought and stayed patient until she reached what she was striving for. Through Cassie's ventures, she hopes to inspire young women to get out and be brave. Both men and women should be able to travel as they please- despite religion, despite culture, despite anything.

Travel and adventure have become sought out activities in this generation, but not everyone has the money to travel out of the country. Although there are many jobs you can acquire abroad, and it's possible to travel with a budget, if you're just not ready to leave the United States then there are still an amalgamation of choices. In fact, I also found (on Facebook) an amazing, US only road trip. This trip takes you to each and every state (except for the far away two), and passes through a significant landmark in each one. Although I'm always dying to see new countries, this trip sounds pretty epic to me. What do you think?

- André

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